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Let us answer any question you may have. At Jerry's Hardwood Floors, Inc. in Mabelvale, Arkansas, you have a flooring contractor that addresses all of your concerns.

Q: How do I select a floor?

A: The first step in selecting a new wood floor is picking the type and style of flooring itself, since this may limit the types of wood and finishes available. You want to be sure that the floor type selected can endure the stresses of the room in which it will be installed, including traffic and climate. Floors in rooms such as laundry rooms and basements have significantly different characteristic needs than floors in bedrooms or foyers.

Strip Flooring

Strip flooring utilizes pieces of wood that are narrow in width, generally two-and-a-quarter, or three-and-a-quarter inches in width. These strips of wood are arranged linearly across a room to create the illusion of a larger space.

Plank Flooring

Plank flooring utilizes pieces of wood that are wider in width than strip flooring. These pieces are generally three to six inches in one-inch increments. Plank Flooring provides a more traditional look and is often the choice for country décor.

Laminated or Engineered

Laminated or engineered flooring products consist of three or five plys of wood, layered and pressed together with the grains oriented in opposing directions. This flooring is dimensionally stable, so it's perfect for kitchens, powder rooms, and basements, where floors take more abuse. These floors can be customized in many of the same ways as solid flooring. Although they're generally prefinished, some products are available unfinished.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is any type of flooring arranged in a non-linear fashion. Usually set in a structured geometric design, it invites a variety of design options for a beautiful, non-traditional looking wood floor.

Q: Should I use unfinished or prefinished hardwood?

A: It's actually personal preference, as both have advantages. If you want to match the existing woodwork, you may go with unfinished so it can be stained to blend with the existing woodwork. However, prefinished is already finished with some great benefits, such as longer finish warranties, uniform stain application, and a cleaner environment.

Q: What about high-traffic areas?

A: Due to the sophisticated finishing systems on the products used, the finish is very durable. Jerry's offers commercial-rated products for commercial environments. We always recommend walk-off mats at doorways and pivot points like kitchen sinks, refrigerators, etc.

Q: What does 'edge treatments' mean?

A: Edge treatments refer to the amount of reveal on the edge of each board. We offer products in square, micro or eased edges, as well as beveled edges. Refer to product literature or visit your local retailer for examples.

Q: My wood floor has some damage. Can it be repaired?

A: Yes! We offer several suggestions. If you have a minor chip or slight damage, we offer a color-blended filler. Our touch-up kits take care of different issues, like scratches and chips. If the damage is severe enough, you can have individual boards replaced.

Q: Can I wax my urethane floor?

A: Yes, however, it's not recommended. Once you wax a floor, it should be maintained as a wax-finished floor. Wax may inhibit the adhesion of future applications of top coating materials or make it slippery.